Buy Black LA is a Black business directory for the Greater Los Angeles area produced and maintained by AfroLA. It was created to help Angelenos more easily find and support Black businesses that bolster local Black communities. It’s a free, accessible tool created as a public service for Angelenos.

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It’s free to list your business with Buy Black LA. But, if you choose to become a sustaining member—which helps us cover costs to maintain the directory—your business becomes part of a pool we pull from for content and coverage on our site and social media. Sustaining memberships are annual contributions scaled to the size of your business. 

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There are other online black business directories. But, the aim of Buy Black LA is to highlight the contributions and importance of Black owners/operators to the fabric of L.A.’s Black communities.

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Questions? Concerns? Please reach out to us at with any questions about Buy Black LA. You can also call or text our main line at (213) 536-1760.